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Directory of Schools in Germantown

Note from the Editor: This is a more complete list of schools, arranged by type, than the one on the page "Education in Germantown." For more information on the schools listed here, please visit their web sites or call them at the listed number. This listing does not include pre-schools and for-profit schools. Please accept my apologies for any omissions.

K-12 Schools

Germantown Friends School
31 West Coulter Street, Philadelphia, PA
(215) 951-2300

William Penn Charter School
3000 West School House Lane,
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 844-3460

High Schools and Grades 7-12

Mastery Charter School
5700 Wayne Avenue, Philadelphia, PA
(215) 922-1902

Germantown High School
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(215) 951-4004

Elementary Schools

Greene Street Friends School
5511 Greene Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144
(215) 438-7545

Imani Educational Circle Charter School
5612 Greene Street, Philadelphia, PA
(215) 713-9240

Fulton Elementary School
60 East Haines Street
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 951-4005

Anna L Lingelbach School
6340 Wayne Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19144
Phone: (215) 951 - 4001
Fax: (215) 951 - 4514
Web Site

Special Needs Schools

Green Tree School
autistic spectrum disorder • special needs
146 West Walnut Lane, Philadelphia, PA
(215) 843-4528

Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
100 West Schoolhouse Lane
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 951-4700

Arts and Performing Arts Schools

Settlement Music School
6128 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA
(215) 320-2600

Philadelphia School Of Circus Arts
5900 Greene Street, Philadelphia, PA
(215) 849-1991

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