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With support from the Knight Foundation and in partnership with Germantown United Community Development Corporation, I’m happy to announce the Walk Germantown project. Beginning Saturday, September 24, Walk Germantown will sponsor three short group walks in different parts of Germantown. The goal is to help Germantown residents learn more about the neighborhood—great places and features, community organizations and resources, and issues we need to address to create a better future.

The walks are tentatively scheduled for September 24, October 15, and November 19, all Saturdays. Walks are free, dog-friendly, and open to everyone. Details of each walk will be announced separately. Each walk will have its own Facebook event.

Germantown is a big place, with many features, a lot of history, and a bright future if we work together. Come join with Walk Germantown, visit a part of the neighborhood where you haven’t been before, and learn more about the place where all of us live.

The first walk, scheduled for September 24, will go from Hansberry Garden and Nature Center, through beautiful Penn-Knox, to the Germantown Kitchen Garden on East Penn Street. We meet at Hansberry Garden, Saturday September 24, at 11 am. There is no charge for the walk. The walk is dog-friendly. All dogs must be leashed.

To see the route, go to

The October 15 walk will visit Roosevelt School to learn about the good work of Men Who Care, who have adopted Roosevelt as mentors and supporters.

The November 19 walk will visit the Germantown Avenue commercial corridor with Corridor Manager Emaleigh Doley. Walkers will receive copies of notes on the corridor by the architect Ignatius Wang, who walked the corridor from Johnson Street to Wayne Junction in the mid-1990s. The walk will provide historical perspective on the corridor and a look ahead toward its future.




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