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Pizza Restaurants in Germantown

Note from the editor: This page provides a listing of pizza restaurants in Germantown. I will expand it as time and resources permit.

If you have a pizza restaurant that you would like to suggest, please e-mail it to me using the contact link in the left-hand column.


Nick's Famous Pizza
5810 Greene St
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 842-1006

Gennaro's Famous Pizza
210 West Chelten Avenue
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 848-7160

Germantown Style Pizza
324 West Chelten Avenue
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 843-3313

Giovanni's Pizzeria
5604 Greene Street
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 842-9480

Roula's Pizza
6200 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 843-5990


Germantown garden watercolor © 2011 by Ruth A Seeley


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